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Are you familiar with the concept of daily fantasy sports?
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What’s a Freeroll? A Freeroll is a free entry game where the top contestants are awarded cash prizes for building the best roster of players.
Claim your 50% deposit bonus. If you want to start playing for cash prizes use the bonus code “fantasy50” to get a 50% deposit bonus on your initial deposit. The maximum bonus is $50 and will be released to your account at a rate of 20% of the entry fee. For more information click “how are bonuses earned and released”.
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Enter tonight's $25 freeroll – it’s free to play!
We will be running a baseball Freeroll every night until the May 11th $1,000 Freeroll. Once you've registered visit the draft lobby and use the password "springbaseball" to enter the daily Freeroll game. A new Freeroll tournament will be offered everyday up until May 11th to help you practice before the big game.
Mark your calendars for the $1,000 freeroll game
On Friday, May 11th, we will have a $1,000 Freeroll tournament for all Fantasy Feud members. Due to the unpredictability of lineup changes for games taking place on May 11th, registration for this tournament will be available as of May 8th. Use the password "springbaseball" to enter.
Want to earn more money? Once you have an account invite your friends through the site and receive a $10 credit to your account on their first deposit.
How are bonuses earned and released
Your pending bonus is released to your account at a rate of 20% of the entry fee of the contest you enter. That means that if you enter a daily or weekly fantasy sports league that has an entry fee of $20, $4 of your pending bonus will be released into your account. For additional information visit our FAQ.