Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Welcome to the world of daily fantasy sports. Instead of having to wait all season long to win your league you can draft, play, and win all in one day. Let’s get started with some basic information.

Beginner's guide to Daily Fantasy Sports

Walk before you run. You don’t have a full season to play catch-up. If your daily fantasy sports team gets off to a slow start, you only have a few hours to make up the point differential. Be careful at first, don’t fall in love with a single lineup and enter multiple contests when you’re first starting.

Use the resources available to you. The Fantasy Feud Draft kit provides you with everything you need to succeed. The resources tab will allow you to view injury reports, read player news, breakdown matchups, view projected starters, and see the actual stadium weather. You also have access to the player salaries and they can be printed if you’re on the go and want to study or make notes.

Beware of the Leaders. Before you register for a contest click the small arrow beside the contest name to see which members are registered for that league. Visit the Fantasy Feud Leaderboard to see if you’re facing the best of the best. You might want to practice before you take on the current leaders.

The Difference between Season Long Fantasy Leagues and Daily Fantasy Leagues

The grind of season long fantasy sports pools can be tiresome and that’s what makes daily fantasy sports so rewarding. Research the players, build your rosters and start playing in minutes.

Before you do it is important to understand a few key differences between daily fantasy sports and traditional season long leagues.

Pay a premium for players on a hot streak. This isn’t a season long pool where you’re looking to buy low and sell high. Your entire “season” is only one day long. It’s wise to focus on players who are playing well today. It’s better to get a middle of the pack player who’s doing very well than a superstar on a cold streak.

Focus on the key positions providing value or lack of depth. Different sports need to be approached differently. In fantasy football leagues most contestants focus on the running back matchups as you typically find more depth at wide receiver and quarterback. In fantasy baseball leagues start building your roster with your pitchers, that way you can see how much money you have to spend on batters. In fantasy basketball leagues find good value at the center position as there is far less depth than at guard and forward. In fantasy hockey leagues you want to focus on which goaltenders are playing well and more importantly what goaltenders are starting.

Watch out for back-to-back games and road trips. This rule is more applicable to fantasy basketball leagues and fantasy hockey leagues due to the scheduling format but it can hold some weight in fantasy football leagues as well. Players tend to perform less effectively when they’re at the tail end of a road trip or coming off a short week in the NFL. These players may not be ideal picks in your daily fantasy sports lineups.

Find the sleepers and value picks. Keep an eye on the injury report to see which backups are getting their shot tonight. Finding these players will go a long way in building a strong daily fantasy lineup.

How to Start Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

You can start playing in daily fantasy leagues in less than 5 minutes. Simply sign up for a free account and test the waters. Try a freeroll and free entry contests to to get your feet wet.

Which Games are Best?

For video tutorials on the different daily fantasy sports game formats visit the how to play section.

The salary cap draft is the most popular game format currently available. In this format build the best team possible while staying under the cap. The majority of the contests played in daily fantasy sports are of this nature.

The pro pick’em draft is the least time consuming game offered. Simply select one of 8 players available in each bracket to build your team of 10 players.

The snake draft will resemble your season long league. Each member of the league will draft in a snake format where each player can only be picked once. Understanding the roster requirements remaining for your opponents can place you at a distinct advantage.